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How Trusu works

1. Your order will arrive at our US warehouse and packaged together with the other shipments for the week.

2. After being shipped by air, it will arrive at our warehouse in Hong Kong (Cyberport).

3. You will be able to pick up your package from Cyberport, Admiralty, TST East or pay $55 HKD for direct home delivery.

1. Depending on the supplier of your package, it can take between 10 - 14 days for delivery to Hong Kong.

2. Once the package is in Hong Kong, it is available for pick-up/home delivery the following day.

1. Price depends on the weight and dimensions of the box required to transport your package.

2. We generally have lower shipping prices due to packaging your item with other trusu customers!

2. For most hard to find US/Canada products we are generally cheaper than the next best alternative.

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Go to any website, find your product, and paste the link into Trusu! We'll give you the cost in HKD including international shipping.

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why trusu?


  • Simple 3-Step Checkout
  • Coordinating with freight forwarders
  • Complicated foreign addresses


  • Full price transparency
  • Guess shipping cost based on size & weight


  • Amazon prime membership
  • Dozens of other memberships
  • Sales taxes


  • Access to any store in the US
  • "Sorry, this product doesn't deliver to your location."
  • American credit card requirements

from our customers

"When I got an order wrong, trusu was quick to respond and immediately helped consolidate and fix the error with no delay in shipping time or cost."

Erika B.

"I think trusu is fantastic. My favorite things about Trusu compared with other freight forwarding service is that, it's much simpler. I just sent a request and within a few hours I get confirmation that my order has been placed."

Brian Y.

"One of the few sites I've seen with direct support for Costco. I like being able to see the product and the upfront costs before ordering."

Srinjoy C.